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May 2008


We are rounding up our semester with Phonemics and Family on the Field. Phonemics takes all of the phonetic sounds and symbols and combines them with the grammar tools we learned for the purpose of creating an alphabet for an unwritten language. There are so many steps involved you can literally get a headache just trying to figure it all out, but we are enjoying it and are excited to think that we could actually take part in teaching a people group to read and write their own language. It's amazing to think about. Family on the Field covers a lot of different aspects to how the missionary's lifestyle affects a family, and mainly focuses on the development and events in the missionary's children's lives. The last two days will be what they call a "wrap-up" where we will tie it all together and take time to refocus and get ready for this summer.

It's pretty crazy that we have made it this far. God continues to remind us of all the memories of how it all started. Our relationship with him, meeting each other, dating and all the adventures he has taken us on. Sometimes we just sit and reminisce on everything and stand in awe of how perfect his plans and timing are.

As this week ends, we will have to say goodbye to a lot of friends who are finished for good. They are working on the support track overseas and so they only needed two semesters instead of 3, like we are taking. They are going all over the world and God only knows when we will see them again. It will be hard to say goodbye to good friends, and even harder next December when the rest of us finish.

As for us, we will be flying in to California on the 18th to see our family and friends, see our sister graduate, see a new baby (yeah mama Tiff!), and of course, eat sushi and vinaka coffee. We are looking forward to seeing you all and to jumping in the ocean. Then we will leave in mid-June for our job in Alaska and be back in mid-August for our friends' wedding (Congrats Clay and Laura!)

Just a little of what's been going on with us to keep you posted. Hope you are all well and we will see you soon!


Tim and Kat